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Build a voice-phone app with Twilio!

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It's been way too long since we've had a meetup. Let's build a voice-phone app with Twilio! Twilio lets us build web applications with our scripting language of choice and handles all the phone details for us.

We'll walk through a presentation on the basics of building a Twilio App and then work on building our own voice apps. If you're interested in building an app you should at minimum have

A free trial account with Twilio ( ) A web hosting account that allows you to run a scripting language like PHP Update: Merry Christmas everybody! I know we're getting close to the Holidays - in honor of Christmas I have one gift. We'll draw straws for the copy of The Rhino Book, 6th Edition (aka Javascript the Definitive Guide) that I've got to give away. This is a big book and a great goto reference for Javascript (the language) as well as many popular API's frequently used in Javascript programming (DOM, HTML5 apis, etc.) Come one, come all....

720 South Stockton Avenue · Ripon, CA