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(Hands-on Haskell) MF#K: Delete your Facebook account or just remove content?

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The last months we have been reading how companies have been able to bypass Facebook policy on data usage.

No matter how much effort FB will put into this, companies will probably find ways to find holes in the cheese and get access to data anyway.

Therefore, many people claim that we should all just delete our Facebook accounts. For many of us, this is not a possibility, as the platform allows us to get in contact and follow our friends social interactions, specially us who know people from all around the globe.

But, as for many of our interactions IRL, we don't really need to have the interactions stored forever. Therefore, in order to limit the amount of data these companies will be able harvest from our Facebook profiles, the easiest thing would probably just to remove as much unnecessary content as possible.

We probably want to have some guards as we really don't want to remove:

- any friends;
- all content at once, maybe just up to a given timestamp;
- etc ...

Therefore, I have been working on a script that makes usage of Facebook Graph API, in order to remove content. As the script is no way done and only fulfill my needs, maybe we could use this Meetup to look into how you can write a Haskell Script that could be used on an IRL situation.

Requirements for the hands on:

- The Haskell Tool Stack (
- An IDE that supports Haskell (I use Emacs myself, but others my use VI, Atom and so on)
- Minimum knowledge of programming. Lack of FP knowledge is not crucial as Haskell is known to be the “Best Imperative Language”.

Edited: Apparently in order to use Facebooks logo you must follow these guidelines: (but Simon Marlow sent me an even more awesome logo).


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