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Johan Brinch is the Co-founder of Seasoned Software, a company that specializes in automated fuzz testing.

Fuzz testing attempts to uncover subtle bugs and unexpected program behaviour. It works by trying millions (or billions) of randomly generated program inputs. Modern fuzzing relies on advanced heuristics when choosing these inputs. This has proven to be surprisingly effective in practice.

In this talk, he will cover automated fuzz testing and how it relates to property based testing (eg. Quickcheck) and unit testing.


We have set up a collaboration with Prosa, who generously offered to provide a location for our regular meetups. Please see Prosa's Calendar for more details: Prosa Calendar (

The ADA meeting room fits about 25 people and if we need more space, we can use the canteen (PASCAL), which has a capacity of at most 50 (fire regulation).


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