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Have you heard about lenses? How about traversals? Prisms? Profunctors?
What is all that mumbo jumbo about and why is it useful for programming?
We will be talking about all of that and seeing some examples in purescript.
It will be short and simple, you don't even need to know purescript to understand the examples, just some FP and it will be easier if you know haskell already but also not a prerequisite.


* Introduction to purescript
* What, Why, How?
* FP data structures
* Lenses
* Optics and refactoring
* Operating on whole collections
* Single elements in arrays
* Sum types


CTO, architect and developer with 20 years of experience in IT. I've worked with all kinds of companies like El Corte Ingles, Tesco, MTV or L'oreal.

My work gravitates mainly developing app backends both designing and developing APIs or architecting.

I am an enthusiastic advocate of functional programming with special interest in Haskell. For the last 2 years I've been helping organize Madrid Haskell Meetup (HaskellMAD)

I've been always fascinated by cryptography and lately I've been studying the world of cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, ...).


We have set up a collaboration with Prosa, who generously offered to provide a location for our regular meetups. Please see Prosa's Calendar for more details: Prosa Calendar (

The ADA meeting room fits about 25 people and if we need more space, we can use the canteen (PASCAL), which has a capacity of at most 50 (fire regulation).


Ramón and Joakim