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What we’re about



Off the beaten path,  following trails less traveled.


Hikes: Often in the middle of nowhere to destinations most people have never been.

Though we have pushed ourselves to climb mountains we thought we never could, (yes, we've climbed High Peaks) we aren't just peak baggers. In fact, lately we trend towards hikes that are shorter and more accessible to those at different stages in their fitness journey. We are the place to find hikes to smaller peaks, trips to chase and photograph waterfalls & explore trails to lakes and other interesting places.  Many of us are rebuilding fitness and hiking again after managing injuries. Some people have expressed that they want to hike and explore but are intimidated by fitness expectations or competitiveness of other groups. We go to cool places and we hike WITH and include. We aren't a trail running group.

Sometimes we just don't want the hassle of driving three or four hours for a hike. But sometimes, we do just that, and it's worth it.

We encourage an easygoing, non-competitive vibe with all activities. Hike at your own pace, but always as part of the group. Never lose sight of the other participants. No one should finish an MVTA hike feeling like the others didn't have their back. Laughing is definitely encouraged!

Other past activities have included joining a  yoga class held on the beach at Glimmerglass, happy hours, dinners, picnics, kayaking, and bonding with the wolves  at the Wolf Mountain Nature Center.

We do stuff like that!

This group is about
exploring the beauty of NYS,
sometimes getting some great exercise,
and always sharing laughs in good company.

***Please note that this is not a dating site or group.***
Please respect boundaries and treat fellow group members with respect and kindness.
Please join individually and not as a couple or group.


We are located and most events occur in and around the Mohawk Valley, Central NYS, the Capital region, Otsego County, and the ADK. Occasionally the Catskills and other NYS destinations.
Please note: No activities in the NYC, Long Island, downstate areas. No out of state events. No camping trips.

I supply as much info as possible for each event. You are encouraged to also research the hike and determine if the event is suitable for your fitness level.

The annual contribution is per person. Maintaining this group on this site has meant a significant investment of both time and money. The $12 annual contribution represents one dollar per month for that year. It is okay to pay after attending at least one event.

Repeating this: Please note that a photograph of YOU is mandatory on your profile page for this group.

By participating in any Mohawk Valley Trails & Adventures event, you assume responsibility for your own safety and well being.