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"A moment of truth is when an interaction occurs between a customer and the service provider that can leave a lasting positive or negative impression on a customer."

The goal of this group is to explore, discuss and exemplify how lessons learned and processes used in “classic” customer service organizations such as Disney, McDonalds and Starbucks can be applied successfully to a technology industry context to achieve alignment with strategic goals and strong customer orientation throughout the entire organization.

Target audience
CEOs, COOs, CMOs and other C-level executives, product managers, project managers, team leads, developers and everyone else with a burning desire to implement and give their customers an exceptional experience and service.

In the companies, government agencies and projects that I have worked with during my 22+ years as a technology professional, a recurring source of friction has always been the gap between the “business professionals” and the “technology professionals”. Where the gap has been most present, poorer products, lower productivity and cultural divide have been the result.

Trends and technology-related methodologies such as agile, kanban, microservices, Domain-Driven Design bring the promise of bridge-building effects. And while they are effective, they tend to be driven from the bottom and up, which can limit their transformational impact.

In my experience, a strong customer service focus, no matter which technology role I have worked in, has always worked wonders, even in non-customer facing roles and among colleagues.

Giving a customer a great experience requires a strong focus on customer needs, wants, emotions and stereotypes, and a strong focus on the people and processes behind the scenes. The purpose of this group is to explore, spread and create customer service excellence in a technology context.

In autmn of 2019, the following meetups have been planned:

* Kick off - setting the scene for this group
* Exploring Disney’s Integration Matrix
* Case Study: Position Green

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