• Discover Best Practices & Mistakes to Avoid When Job Searching During Quarantine

    Join us to hear our Director of Career Services, Katie Dunn, on how best to navigate & tailor your job search during this time, some best practices and what folks are doing to stand out. Check out our website (www.momentumlearn.com) beforehand and come with your questions. The link for the online webinar will be released soon.

  • Code School: The good, the bad, the truth. Panel of bootcamp grads tell all!

    Thinking about whether a code school is right for you? Are you already interested, but not sure if it’s legit or worth the money? This is your chance to hear it straight from those that have gone through it before. We’ll have a panel of code school graduates that will talk about their experience before, during, and after the program to give you better insight if it’s right for you. They will also discuss what its like to learn in both a physical environment as well as in a virtual one. Come join us with your questions to ask our panel of graduates about their experience with code school and what they wish they would have known prior to starting! Feel free to send in any questions prior to the event to [masked]

  • JavaScript with REACT!(FREE Crash Course)

    Online event

    Taught by Momentum Alumni and current TransLoc employee, Jeanette, join us for a fun free crash course on JavaScript with React. ReactJS is a component based library originally created by Facebook developers that simplifies the process of creating interactive UIs. In this crash course learn about the fundamentals of this library -- components, state, props, JSX and more! We’ll create a scoreboard application for keeping track of players and their scores -- super handy for tabletop gaming fans!