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Momming is hard! Not only is there always more than enough to do, being a mom can be challenging emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

You’re always busy, and yet somehow always behind! Now you can learn a fast and efficient tool to help you deal with everyday stress. Join other moms once a month to tap away at challenges using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which can help you to:

• Clear stored emotions and beliefs that add to your stress

• Let go of any unreasonable expectations about yourself or parenting

• Feel less anxious and more hopeful

• Address other issues in your life – relationships, work, weight, prosperity, etc.

The beauty of EFT is its simplicity. You just tap on various meridian points on your body while addressing a specific concern. Group members take turns tapping on their specific issues while everyone else taps along. You also can choose not to share an issue and still get the benefit of the group tapping.

Moms new to EFT are welcome, as well as seasoned practitioners who want a group setting to practice in. Note that it does not replace medical advice or treatment when it is called for.

Organizer Lisa Nichols is an EFT practitioner and certified Matrix Reimprinting practitioner. She also works with people one on one via Zoom, by phone or in person. Learn more at www.tappingintoyourtrueself.com.

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Calming the Viral Mindset - Week 4

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Calming the Viral Mindset

Online event

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