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Tapping into Truth at Moms Tapping Night
If someone walks into a room and doesn’t say hi to you, do you feel slighted? If your child doesn’t want something you’ve picked out, do you feel hurt? If another driver pulls in front of your car, do you feel outraged? If you can say yes to any of these, there’s a good chance you’re taking things personally that HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. Yep, nothing to do with you. It may feel like it. It may seem like someone is ignoring you, or judging your taste, or purposefully cutting you off. In truth, they are just living their lives, working through their own issues and emotions. So where does the hurt come from? If comes from a feeling of not being good enough. Of, perhaps, a feeling that there is something wrong with you at your core. That cry in the middle of your soul of “Why aren’t I enough?” It’s not a fun way to live. Nor is it helpful when you’re trying to raise healthy children with good boundaries. Tapping helps to remove these core beliefs. It creates new neuro pathways so that you can see more possibilities and it removes emotional charges around events from your past that have you stuck. If you’re tired of constantly feeling judged or not enough, come to the Moms Tapping Night. Let’s look at it together in a supportive group of fellow moms. You can also schedule a private 1:1 session at Photo by Guillaume Bolduc on Unsplash

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What we're about

Momming is hard. Not only is there always more than enough to do, being a mom is challenging emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Come together the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month with other moms to tap to:
- Resolve your own childhood issues that keep you from being the parent you want to be
- Become more confident in your parenting
- Get clarity on how to resolve issues you are having with your child or children
- Strengthen a parenting skill, such as setting boundaries
- Whatever else is happening in your life

Tapping is pretty much just what it sounds like: tapping on meridian points. You can tap away fear, painful memories, negative emotions, self-sabotage and limiting ideas that frustrate, block or sadden you. They can keep you from being present with your children or from being connected to your wisest self when you need to make a decision or act on your child’s behalf.

Group members take turns tapping on their specific issues while everyone else taps along. Tap into the group energy to help rewire your subconscious! You can also keep your issues confidential and still get the benefit of the group tapping.

The beauty of tapping is its simplicity. Anybody can do it, and it can help relieve a broad range of issues. Note that it does not replace medical advice or treatment when it is called for.

Tapping is also called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Moms new to EFT are welcome, as well as seasoned practitioners who want a group setting to practice in.

Organizer Lisa Nichols is an EFT practitioner and certified Matrix Reimprinting practitioner. She also works with people one on one via Zoom, phone or in person. Learn more at

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