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Do you find yourself in need of something different in your women’s social groups and your kids play groups? Are you tired of pretending as if everything is perfect in your daily life as a parent? Would you like to take your kiddos (and yourself) out without being judged by your peers? Maybe you would like to go to a Mommy and Me class but are too exhausted to dress up for the event.

If so, please join me and other Moms in the NW and surrounding areas for fun times, friendships and a laugh or two. We are a small group (not all that small really) of mothers who looks at the world of motherhood through our own Mothers, Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers’ eyes with tips and tricks we’ve picked up on our own along the way. We adore our kids and take our jobs as mothers very seriously, but we’re not perfect nor are we claiming to be. If you feel the same and want to surround yourself with like minded women join us on our quest for the Carol Brady and June Cleaver in us all.

We're striving to be an active group - hopefully one day, one of the largest "family-oriented" Mom groups on the NW side - but without you we can't do that! :) Your membership with Mom's & Tots of NW (Houston & Surrounding Areas) will introduce you to mountains of activities and beyond, camaraderie, support, and friendships we hope will last a lifetime! All it takes is 100% willingness & participation from you, as well as openness & commitment. When I say commitment, I don't mean your every waking moment dedicated to us - I just mean, show up to events that fit within your schedule and help with hosting/planning here and there, and even suggestions when fit for you! That's it! Not too much to ask, right?

**In an effort keep a good grasp on what everyone is seeking and/or hoping to achieve with their membership, the questions asked upon membership are a requirement for joining/continued membership. Anything left blank will be construed as disinterest and membership will ultimately be denied/terminated. As well, after 3 months of a trial membership (you'll be allowed to come and go as you please to as many meetups you desire, that you MUST RSVP to), you will not only be responsible for an annual due of $5 (to help offset the cost of running this site/group/regular maintenance), but - if you've not attended at least one (1) event/meet-up in that time frame, you will be removed. Again, this is for the safety and well-being of all members and their children.**

Here are a few pieces of important information to keep in mind during your membership with Moms & Tots of NW:

- This is a diverse group, with Moms and children of ALL backgrounds. Acceptance & APPRECIATION are a must.

- Parental choice and freedom are yours. Let's keep it that way. In no way do you have to agree with what another parent chooses to do, but you must respect it and each other.

- No parent or child(ren) left out. When at an event, we are responsible as a group. We will make sure that all parties are safe and accounted for. That includes making sure Moms are okay as well. Safety & security are of the utmost importance. It is everyone's obligation to uphold that. When we are out with our children, we must be vigilant in protecting each other.

- No bullying, chastising, or judging. You are you - and that's the beauty. Zero tolerance for hatred!! You may not like a certain someone, and that's okay. You don't have to. But being mean is not acceptable in the least.

- Participation is key. Without it, we can't & won't be successful. This group will only go as far as we take it. Let's make sure it soars!

That's it! Moms & Tots of NW welcomes you and is happy to have you here.

Let's "Meetup!"


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