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If you live, work, or shop in the Monadnock region, you're welcome to join! Whether you are new to decentralized currencies, (such as Bitcoin, DASH, Bitcoin Cash, etc) or an experienced user, you are welcome.

We regularly meet to help the people and businesses in the region to adopt decentralized currency, increase stores of wealth, and promote the local economy.

Join our network and come out in real life to meetup!

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Bitcoin Pizza Day

Little Zoe's Take and Bake

May 22nd is Bitcoin Pizza Day! It's the first recorded time that someone actually spent bitcoin, which was in 2010 where two pizzas were paid for with 10,000 BTC. We'll celebrate by visiting Little Zoe's Pizza, which is now offering hot pizzas and outdoor seating! Plus, they take BTC, DASH, and BCH! UPDATE: Little Zoe's owner has announced anyone paying in BTC will receive a 10% discount. Of course, if you pay in DASH or BCH you will likely receive 10% off via Anypay's "DASH-Back" and "BCH-Back" promotions, so whatever you do, don't pay with dollars! See you there!

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