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Meet@ 2 or 7PM-C2C RADIO: Monastic Food Preparation-Feast of St. Marguerite!

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Image: Portrait of Mère Marguerite d’Youville [masked]) | James Duncan

This is a FREE EVENT! CALL 781-C-FRIARS for more information.


Friday, June 15, 2018

St. Marguerite

Later we'll prepare a Monastic Supper for after the Called to Communion Show, which starts at 2 p.m. ( see separate meet up announcement for 2 p.m.).

Born in Varennes, Canada, Marie Marguerite Dufrost de Lajemmerais had to interrupt her schooling at the age of 12 to help her widowed mother. Eight years later she married Francois d'Youville; they had six children, four of whom died young. Despite the fact that her husband gambled, sold liquor illegally to Native Americans and treated her indifferently, she cared for him compassionately before his death in 1730.

Saint John XXIII, who beatified her in 1959, called her the "Mother of Universal Charity." She was canonized in 1990.


We are inviting all our non-Catholic friends especially, along with our Catholic ones, as there will be an opportunity for interactive live radio correspondence on this Internationally broadcast show. Several telephones will be available to call and ask questions the Catholic Faith, particularly ones that non-Catholics may want clarified or even challenged. "What's preventing YOU from becoming a Catholic?" Perhaps something someone has told you, or maybe you just cannot figure out why the Church teaches something, or indeed if She even does! We are all called to Communion with Jesus Christ and the Holy Church that he founded. We already have at least a couple of our non-Catholic friends attending.

After the show we will pray from Psalms (Evening Prayer from the Divine Office), hold a brief Cooking Class and afterwards enjoy some food together.

Th link for today's Prayer is at the following:

Great radio talk-show with Dr. David Anders, a convert to the Catholic Faith. He shares his journey and enlightens us on Fullness of the Truth in the Catholic Church. We'll pray Evening Prayer after the show, maybe even call in during, and consider some local place for a bite to eat afterwards for anyone interested in continuing the day's discussions and friendship in Christ. Walk (just around the corner) to the Faneuil Street Entrance and Ring the Doorbell to Apartment #1. Call 781-C-FRIARS for more information.

This is a FREE EVENT!

This is a FREE EVENT! CALL 781-C-FRIARS for more information.

We will also plan upcoming meetups with Liturgical Hours, the Monastic Cooking Club, etc., including a "Live the Fast" day with reference to and formation of "Civic Friars" in conjunction with the Civic Friary® and the new School of Monastic Cooking. Call 781-C-FRIARS for more information.

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via Radio Dial: 1060AM

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It is hoped you can attend, but there is great opportunity via the above options through computer, podcasts, etc. to hear the show. Please give us feedback on your experience! Call 781-C-FRIARS