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Join others to learn & share ideas in an open forum run by one of the most successful meetup organizers in the area. This is the first meetup group designed to assist people & businesses with all aspects of online & offline monetization (http://monetizationcourse.com/).

The focus is on finding out what is working, and how to either start or grow revenue & conversions for a website, blog, app, game, or newsletter. (Monetization in this case referring to revenue/sales/income/donation).

Designed to let online entrepreneuers, bloggers, site owners, store owners, businesses, marketers, home-based and others network, learn & share strategies for creating & growing revenue streams. Especially in the online world, there are new techniques developed every day, and we'll create a forum to share & experiment on old & new methods.

* Strategy & Tactics

* Do's & Don'ts

* Marketing & monetizing effectiveness

* Defining Monetization - understanding Business Models

* Categorizing online revenue sources

* Analysis of Emerging Online Models (e.g. Twitter, iPhone/apps, Virtual products)

** "Freemium"

** Game monetization & virtual worlds

** Social apps

* Offsite Monetization (including email)

* Showcase Sites - Learn From Others

* Practice Sessions

* Website Design Analysis (Heat Maps, navigation/usability)

* Best Platforms - content management, ads, tracking, back-end

* Social networking sites

* Social Media & Reputation Monetizing

* Video - monetize via pre-roll/post-roll/etc.

* Conversions

*Ad strategies

* Arbitrage (PPC, CPM)

* Domains - valuation models

* Personality aspects - Mindset

* Joint Ventures Events will have notes taken to be shared with members, and some may be videocast.

Notes from the Monetizing Domain Names are found here: https://www.meetup.com/Monetization/pages/Mo... (https://www.meetup.com/Monetization/pages/Monetizing_Domain_Names/)

Important Note: while we discuss the various monetization models, we do not believe it is appropriate for members for pitch opportunities such as MLM, network marketing, direct sales and anything resembling those businesses. Please respect this group's members, and refrain from mentioning or posting any company of this type you're a representative of or involved with, and from pitching these opportunities to members, or at our events.

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Other local meetup groups that cover other areas related to online revenue, traffic, & websites:

* SEO / Online Marketing Meetup - https://www.meetup.com/seo-72/

* Web Content Mavens - https://www.meetup.com/webcontentmavens/

- - - -

There is a separate website that has other materials for the group that is being prepared. In the meantime, some materials are linked below including monetization events held by the organizer in his technology meetup group (1200+ members: https://www.meetup.com/socialweb/ ):

* Monetization Report blog post with a definition of monetization (Aug 2008) - http://monetizationreport.com/?p=7 *

Monetization meeting notes: http://files.meetup.com/576161/Monetization... (http://files.meetup.com/576161/Monetization-Event-First-Notes-April)- 2008.pdf

* Monetization Types (JPG) showing online, offline, hybrid, affiliate, direct, and other: http://files.meetup.com/576161/monetization... (http://files.meetup.com/576161/monetization.jpg)

* Monetization Conference (http://MONETIZATIONCONFERENCE.COM/) event: https://www.meetup.com/socialweb/calendar/98... (https://www.meetup.com/socialweb/calendar/9886033/)

* The Monetization Summit (http://monetizationsummit.com/)

* The Monetization Academy (http://monetizationacademy.com/)

* Monetization 101 slides (Feb. 2009 draft): http://www.slideshare.net/paul2/monetizatio... (http://www.slideshare.net/paul2/monetization-strategies-101) -*500360

* Monetization Course (http://monetizationcourse.com/)

Please read the "About" page for more about the group: https://www.meetup.com/Monetization/about/

Also looking for presenters for events in preparation, including a larger conference-style event.

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This group's event will be scheduled shortly, to discuss monetization & income strategies with other members, and to learn new ways that have emerged recently.

The focus will be on communicating & sharing ideas, tools and techniques, not pitching our own businesses/products/services (other than side conversations between members).

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