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It’s sort of a combination of grasping at straws and Groundhog Day. Every day just doesn’t seem to be “enough.”

The baby is throwing food. Again. Breakfast, snack time, lunch time, anytime really. And it doesn’t even seem to matter that you JUST cleaned the floors last night. The older brother left his homework folder on the counter. You still have to somehow get yourself to work and yet you still need to find time to:
Make it to the post office
Call the insurance company
Stop by the grocery store and get some ingredients you missed on the last run, for dinner tonight, and…

You might have missed paying that bill that came up, because why is it 2018 and they STILL don’t allow for automatic payments? You are exhausted and you really hope your partner decides to just sleep in the other room because you’d rather prefer sleep than attempt some “sexy time,” while feeling anything but. You are so tired, you’re not even sure who “you” are anymore.

There never seems to be enough of it or hours in the day. This job just isn’t cutting it anymore. I know I’m worth more.
Ha! That’s funny. I don’t have time or desire for any of that business. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. And, wait, it can be good again?
I lost it at the hospital when I had the first baby. Send help. And bring my 20-something year old self along with it, please. She had a sense of self.

You’re exhausted. You want so desperately to just be able to “fill that cup.” We get it. We are moms, too, and that’s why we have created an escape. We have THREE experts in the fields of money, sex, and mindfulness to guide you to a happier, prosperous, and more fulfilled life.

We will be discussing all the hot (or so hot) topics to help moms tackle everyday life, yet never seem to be a priority because how can moms really make themselves a priority? Who has time for that??? Between work, family, and the day to day things – there isn’t much left for the woman who holds it all together.

Fear not, Super Woman (and trust us, you ARE amazing) there is another way and we are here to help. Each of us has made it our mission in life to help women connect to themselves on a deeper level which allows for relationships to flourish.

So, if you need guidance on how to shift the flow of energy with your relationships around money, sex, and yourself and family – we are here for YOU!

And just who are “we” here?

We are three women who happen to be moms and want to help women have better lives. We got fed up with settling for less than we deserve. We found another way. And we saw there is a huge need for mothers to connect to themselves and community on a deeper level. We, Shannon, Tori and Leah, decided the best approach was to start with in-person events to allow women a real sense of community. We have over 25 years of collective experience working in our fields and 6 children so we “mom” a plenty.

Shannon Garrison Negi
Shannon is a former corporate finance executive turned business strategy coach who specializes in money, confidence & creating visibility online for the ridiculously busy mon who’s ready to make herself a priority. For years Shannon has been providing financial and strategic decision support to companies around the world including: Deloitte, Warner Music, Kaplan Thaler, Capitol Records, On Location Experiences and iHeartMedia. Between finding a $500k expense savings at one company and helping another grow from $0 to $40m in its first year, Shannon knows her experiences have given her the knowledge she needs to help others understand how to make money with ease and design a life they are in love with.

She can be reached at shannongarrisonnegi.com or on IG @shannon_negi.

Tori Nicole
Tori works with women to overcome sexual trauma and is in the process of becoming a certified sex educator and sexuality coach. After leaving corporate America, she decided to follow her heart and help women who have had similar traumatic experiences. She’s currently working on her first book and starting a non-profit. Her passion for helping women is outshone only by her exhaustion from chasing her toddlers; and she wouldn’t have it any other way! She loves the ocean, cheesecake and has an affinity for dropping f bombs.

She can be reached online at empoweredboudoir.com or on IG @empowered.boudoir.

Leah Recor
Leah guides parents towards guiltless and regretless parenting while helping them become the parents their children connect with. During her divorce, Leah realized people only perceive that we control our experiences. She began exploring mindfulness tools and found her way to the Law of Attraction. There is power in the LOA to bring clarity and strength to people’s lives. Leah hosts the Abundant Parent Community, a membership featuring expert guests to provide parenting tools. She also has a non-profit helping kids with life altering conditions use writing to bring them peace. A student of A Course in Miracles, she publishes her first Law of Attraction for Parents book this winter. She is also completing her certifications in EFT, TFT and as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practitioner.

She can be reached at theAbundantParent.com or IG @TheAbundantParent

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