What we're about

Meet Money and get to know it! Every meeting will be centred around getting to know money from all angles. You will have opportunities to promote your business or services to our group.

We will have fun activities, conversations, keynote speakers from all walks of life helping to get to know money so well that we start making lots of it!

We are entrepreneurs, business people, men and women who want to be successful and rewarded in what we are doing. We also look at and utilize the knowledge of quantum physics and the energetic aspect of our reality and how it is affecting our money situation and abundance.

No matter how great the marketing technique you are learning if you are missing the right mindset or have blocks with money. Let's support and inspire each other to be in that mindset and have fun along the way!

This is a success oriented group uncovering all aspects of money and how it is tied to your belief system as well as financial skills. How it behaves in the current economy and how it is influenced by the newest marketing trends.
We want success stories from you, too. Come share your success and create the mindset together that has no financial limits.

The right mindset is what is common in all big money makers of our time!

Make friends with money, find out its true nature so that it can be a permanent resident in your business giving you a carefree personal life.
There will be no taboos around money, we will discuss all that is needed to uncover and remove everything that can stop us from living a life we want through our businesses.

We will also remove the sabotaging beliefs and ancestral blockages that may hold us back from our true potentials!

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