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Not everyone can join! If you are a dabbler who only joins Meetups just to join -this is not for you. If you make RSVP's but are a flaker- this is also not for you. This is a Meetup that is specifically not for the mainstream because the mainstream is content with being comfortable. Comfortable is usually contrary to self-improvement and the path of excellence. This is a Meetup Community only for the select few who have arrived at a place in their life where they "know" that they are willing to take the necessary steps to empower themselves and others.

We are an organization who is looking to offer enriching events, lectures, classes, and activities to improve the mind, body, emotions, money, self-power, and spirit to a select few in the Sacramento and other surrounding areas. We utilize tested modalities to include: NLP, Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Education, Accountability, Spirituality, and Coaching to obtain results. There is a small suggested gift fee per visit, however the first time is free. The attendance of this Meetup will be capped at 10 persons at this time.

Join us to get discounts, on all our activities.

Rich D. Rios Jr.

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