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Back to Basics: Replica Sets
• What we'll do Back to basics: Replica Set We will start this session talking about Replica Sets and how they work. It won't be a powerpoint based presentation, it will be a hands-on adventure on how to build a replica set and which settings are available to you and when and why you would use them. By using mtools to spin up replica sets, let's explore how a replica set behaves on a variety of situations. For example, let's see what happens in a scenario when you have a P,S,S,S,S(delayed member) deployment and two regular secondaries go down. You're left with P,S,S(delayed member) and your writeConcern is majority. Will your application be ok? The goal is to explore different scenarios and situations and by doing it learning more about how a replica set will behave regarding to its readConcern, writeConcern, and read preference settings. Join us and let's share our experience and knowledge about MongoDB. The agenda is a live working in progress subject: If you have any suggestions, please let me know. • What to bring Bring your laptop and make sure you have MongoDB 3.6.x installed and also mtools. Here is the link for mtools: We will be using mlaunch to spin up replica sets as playgrounds for us. :) • Important to know Please, if you RSVP yes make sure you will show up. We want to make sure that we have the right infrastructure to provide you a good environment for learning.


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This group is a place for developers to learn more about the non-relational, open source, document-oriented database MongoDB. MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database and many of the key committers are based right here in New York City. So if you are facing challenges with MySQL or Postgres or Oracle and want to explore a more flexible, scalable alternative, please join us at one of our monthly sessions. We typically meet on the second or third Tuesday of the month, have some pizza and network, and enjoy a presentation on Mongo.

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