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Monica Kelly is a holistic counselor, hypnotherapist and yoga and meditation teacher. She is a psychic intuitive and mystic healer that is specialized in past life regression, energy work, clearing the chakra system and psychic phenomenon. Monica has a holistic perspective on healing and offers information regarding conscious transformation, hypnosis, chakra work, ritual and self-realization. Monica is an artist, healer and metaphysician who seeks to help other creative a happy and harmonious journey. Monica works with team of Masters and Angels that guide her path, light her way and bring new information down from the light realm to our evolving human consciousness. Monica holds your highest best interest at heart and the interest of all being everywhere to evolve the whole human race into a place of more love, light and joy.

Monica channels information from the astral realm and the galactic communities.

The purpose of the group is to share the information I receive and mentor others in spiritual evolution in the direction of Divine Source (God), the Heavenly Masters, the Angels and the White Light Galactics.

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