Jalopies and TSDBs - October 2018 #MonitorSF

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For our October 2018 meetup, we have two awesome speakers talking about monitoring, and TSDBs. Location is the same as the last meetup - address will be announced via email (location is next to Sutter and Kearny).


Talk: What Driving a Jalopy Taught Me About Monitoring

Abstract: Driving old, beat-up cars is both a treat and a nightmare, especially when it comes to figuring out why they've stopped working (this time). In many ways, diagnosing issues with any old car feels not-at-all dissimilar to monitoring for and diagnosing failures in software. In this talk, I walk through some of the lessons my old junker has taught me about designing monitoring for software in the messy, icky, dammit-I-busted-knuckle-again real-world and how you can apply them to your own apps.

Bio: Mike Julian is the author of O'Reilly's Practical Monitoring, the Editor of the Monitoring Weekly newsletter, and an independent monitoring consultant. Before embarking off as a consultant, he worked as an Ops Engineer for Taos Consulting, Peak Hosting, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He has owned 17 vehicles to date--all of them clunkers.

Link to: Monitoring Weekly - https://weekly.monitoring.love/monitorsf


Talk: Why NOT to build your own time-series database

Abstract: At Outlyer, we do infrastructure monitoring at scale, and as our customers moved to microservices and containers we've seen an exponential growth in metrics and the challenges of collecting and querying all of those metrics in real-time. Over the past few years, we've had to build 3 TSDB architectures as we scaled, with the second iteration almost taking our service down as customers ramped up to tens of millions of metrics each! In this talk David will share the challenges of collecting time-series at scale, the mistakes we made along the way, and how we ended up finally fixing them with a complete redesign last year using Atlas from Netflix as a key component.

Bio: David Gildeh is the founder and CEO of Outlyer, a Self-Service Monitoring & Analytics for Cloud Infrastructure and Microservices that can be deployed in minutes as a platform for all your teams to collaborate on and own their monitoring from setup to building dashboards and alerts. Along the way David also founded and runs the world's largest monthly DevOps meetup, DevOps Exchange, running in both London and San Francisco.

Talks are sponsored by IRONdb (https://irondb.io) and Craigslist (https://craigslist.org)