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Both infrastructure and software have transformed themselves over the last few years and gotten onboard the Digital transformation train. But IT Operations, held back by legacy tools and processes, hasn’t been able to join their peers.

The goal for this group is to help IT Ops leaders, NOC managers and monitoring/observability architects overcome those challenges, and help IT Ops take its rightful place alongside infrastructure and software.

By being a member of this group, you’ll learn how to build and run the best IT Ops stacks for your teams and organizations. What does that mean? It means you’ll learn how to reduce operating costs, improve app/service performance and availability, mitigate alert storms, slash ticket volumes, identify root cause issues faster, unify fragmented workflows, automate incident lifecycles, orchestrate incident response, penetrate the fog surrounding AIOps, and more!

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Resolve 2021 - IT Ops Summit

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IT Ops Ready - BigPanda Virtual Summit

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