Digital transformations and turning around failures

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The entrance to our building is directly across from Steins. There is free parking in a garage just to the east of our building. The parking entrance is off Bryant St.

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We're back from a long haitus but it's worth the wait: our speakers for this meetup are fantastic and you'll not want to miss them!


1. Fostering Service Ownership at Oracle - Stefan Apitz, Technical Advisor to BigPanda (formerly SVP Cloud Operations at Oracle and Box, Director of Ops at LinkedIn)

2. Failure as Success: The Mindset, The Methods, and the Landmines - J Paul Reed, Principal at Release Engineering Approaches


Fostering Service Ownership at LinkedIn and Oracle

Within an Enterprise undergoing what is now often referred to as Digital Transformation, a major component that determines likely success on that journey is to what degree and at what velocity concepts around DevOps and SRE are adopted and implemented.

It is often and quite appropriately stated that these principles are not a one time implemented set of solutions, but require a fundamental often multi-faceted shift in culture and mindset within the company as a whole. Apart from the necessary vision for product / service transformation, it is paramount to be able to implement them quickly and continue to evolve and maintain them at scale. This is why a complete rethinking of development, release and ownership concepts are necessary.

A key enabling component of service ownership across technical teams is the ability to observe and understand how services and apps work within a production context, at scale. Complexities that lie within a heterogeneous, distributed system architecture cannot be understood and managed within a single team, so access to varying types of data that represent environment and state of a system across all domains is essential.

In this talk I will provide some further framing on the topic and will provide thoughts and examples from my experience of how we approached and attempted to solved this.


Failure as Success: The Mindset, The Methods, and the Landmines

"Failing fast," "failing forward" and "Learning from failure" are all the
rage in the tech industry right now. The tech company "unicorns" seem to
talk endlessly about how they re-frame failure into success. And yet, many of us are still required to design and implement backup system
capabilities, redundancies, and controls into our software and operations
processes. And when those fail, we cringe at the conversation with
management that will ensue. So is all this talk of reframing "failure" as
"success" within our organizations just that: talk? And what does that look
like, anyway? We'll explore mindset, the history it's rooted in, as well as
effective methods to move your organization toward it and some land mines to avoid along the way.


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