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Monrovia Board Game Social
Monrovia Board Game Social
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Come have fun with us !!!!

Note: Even though the event is FREE; the expectation is that everyone spends at least $8-10 per person at the restaurant; you pay the restaurant directly for what you order. No outside food or drink.

Note: We usually break up into groups of 3-6 so that we can have a few games going at once. Meet upstairs; because the upstairs is reserved for our group. Note: Please be kind & keep your RSVP accurate. If you cannot go, please let us know.

Do you like to meet new people and try new things? Then this group is for you! This is a great place + good beer!

Here is a sample of some of the games that we usually bring:

Architects of the West Kingdom
Biblios (competing medieval monasteries)
Big Book of Madness
Broom Service (Deliver those potions)
Camel Up
Campy Creatures
Celestia (steampunk treasure hunters)
Century Spice Road
Cockroach Poker Royal (bluffing)
Colt Express
Crosstalk (Team vs Team)
Cytosis (inside the human cell)
Decrypto (Spy vs Spy team game)
Dice Town
Forbidden Desert (Co-op, Find the artifacts)
For Sale
Game of 49
Herbaceous Sprouts (Become the Head Gardener)
Incan Gold
Jamaica (Pirate race; arrrggh)
King of Tokyo
Las Vegas (Dice Placement)
Monster Crunch (Delicious Cereal Game)
New York Slice
Photosynthesis (Grow your forest & harvest)
Raids (Viking plundering)
Sea of Clouds
Sheriff of Nottingham (Lie or not to lie?)
Smile (Re-capture the escaped critters, with fireflies)
Sushi Go Party! (Set collection)
Ticket to Ride (It's 1910, Build your Train routes)
Trapwords (team vs team)
Villainous (Disney)

See you soon!