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Text Editor Jousting (Bozeman)

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For our October meetup, we are going to have a text editor showdown. This won't actually be a contest where we declare a formal winner and a loser. Instead it will be an open format where anybody who wants to make the case for their favorite text editor or IDE will have 5 minutes to do so. Many of us take our development environment seriously and love to refine it as much as humanly possible. Some go as far as calling us 'rabid (' about our tools.

The rules are going to be simple:

• strict 5 minute timebox

• anything you write code in is fair game

• duplicates welcome. if somebody doesn't make a good case for your editor, make it yourself

• bring a computer to show off on. the projector is vga.

• sign up for an editor in the comments below, or just show up

• be friendly

This is going to be a super fun event. Bring your 'A' Game, there are a lot of great editors out there :)


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