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With the thousands of different marketing options in the world, business owners often become overwhelmed with what route to take when using social media to market to their customers online. In this meetup, we will discuss the secret ingredient that most business owners and marketers overlook. Let's call it the “DNA” of your marketing campaign, or the buyer’s persona. The psychology of a buyer's persona when they use social media has been the differentiator on why campaigns are successful and unsuccessful. This meetup will help business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs leverage their buyer's persona data to target ads that will convert on the social channels that they use, and pin-point what social channels they should focus on.

Nick Bulwin, founder/CEO, Second Flight Consultancy
Kelly McCaughey, marketing director, Grey Sky Films Video Production Agency
Samantha Pena, content strategist at Hudson Integrated Web Agency
Moderator: Michael Benyo, president, The Evolution Management Group

Event is co-sponsored with Residence Life (

6:00-6:45 p.m. Networking with pizza
6:45-7:00 p.m. Welcome and 1-minute pitches from the audience
7:00-8:30 p.m. Panel discussion with audience Q&A

Directions and parking info: Park in the Red Hawk Deck on campus, exit the deck on Level 5 and proceed straight up the walkway (soccer field will be on your left) to the new School of Business building.

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Speaker bios:
Nick Bulwin ( is the Founder/CEO of Second Flight Consultancy ( Nick has been involved in online marketing and growth hacking since 2006, and has developed an agency that is focused on finding the hidden ways businesses can accelerate growth through online marketing efforts, building scalable systems, and developing deep buyer persona that can crack the code for profits. Second Flight's philosophy is that every business is looking to get from Point A to Point B in their business goals, and often times there is a lag in getting to Point B. Our mission is to be that connecting flight (or Second Flight) in getting them to their goals. Twitter: @NickBulwin (

Kelly McCaughey ( is the Marketing Director at Grey Sky Films Video Production Agency ( Kelly graduated Rutgers with a BS in Anthropology, focused on human behavior and psychology, an experience in a variety of fields including product and graphic design, communications, as well as advertising research. Kelly started at Grey Sky Films as an Account Executive & Strategist, working with the production team and a diverse range of clients to identify and achieve content marketing goals. As Marketing Director she creates content and collateral to support the customer’s buying journey. Twitter: @greyskyfilms (

Samantha Pena ( is the Content Strategist at Hudson Integrated Web Agency (, where she works in the digital marketing team to develop and implement Content Marketing, SEO, and Inbound Marketing strategies. With a strong focus on user experience optimization, it’s not unusual to find her poring over spreadsheets of data in order to discover hidden conversion and engagement opportunities for her clients. Twitter: @Samantha_Pena16 ( @HudsonHorizons (

Michael Benyo ( has over 25 years of leadership experience in professional services, technical consulting and executive training. Mike has worked with clients within a wide range of verticals. His extensive background includes Financial Services, Retail, Telecommunications, Entertainment, Travel, Satellite Services and Media, working with clients such as AT&T, Viacom, Avaya, Paine Webber, General Motors.