Unleashing Your Magic Series Part 1: The Power of Connection


Our Daily Magic Presents, Unleashing Your Magic Series Part 1: The Power of Connection

What is magic? It can be described as the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using
mysterious or supernatural forces. It’s around us all the time - we simply need the awareness to recognize it more profoundly.

In this session, learn to develop your personal connection to magic and walk away with a profound experience
and powerful tools that you can use in your daily life. We will speak about the Power of Connection as a unique expression of Source to allow more effortless magic into your life. The evening will start with a psychic tarot reading for the group to set our intentions and then we will pinpoint the ways that each of us can produce a truly meaningful future
connected to our purpose.

is known as a True Essence Connector, in which he helps individuals to get into a deep loving
connection with their unique divine essence and integrate that expression into their daily lives.

is known as the Spirit Architect, uplifting and empowering spiritual entrepreneurs through intuitive
life and business coaching. Together, they host lively group discussions for magical people on the
Our Daily Magic Podcast,
where they showcase holistic practitioners and ways to embrace magic every single day.

Cost of admittance- $22