Unleashing Your Magic - The Power of Transformation


Our Daily Magic Presents, "Unleashing Your Magic" Series Part 2:

The Power of Transformation

Come to any workshop in the series and receive a wealth of tools and to help you unleash your magic.

What is magic? It can be described as the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. It’s around us all the time - we simply need the awareness to recognize it more profoundly.

In this second session of the series, come prepared to not only develop your personal connection to magic but also to use your connection to transform your reality. Walk away with a profound experience, powerful tools and a mini-magic kit that you can use in your daily life. We will speak about the Power of Transformation as a way to impact your daily life and the world.

The evening will include a chakra healing meditation, exercises and a psychic tarot reading for the group to support our evolution and keep us aligned with the transformation we wish to see.

cost of this class is 22$