What we're about

Welcome to the Monterey Bay Eats. We try a variety of restaurants from hole-in-the-wall treasures to traditional and ethnic restaurants in Monterey, Carmel, Seaside, Carmel Valley, and Pacific Grove, meeting once or twice a month for dinner around 6pm, normally on Monday or Tuesday evenings, though from time to time we may get together for Happy Hours or Brunch on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Please answer the questions in order to join the group. This group is for Monterey Bay area residents, whether singles or couples.

- Please make sure you have notifications enabled to your email, and better yet, to your cell phone so you will know immediately when an event is posted; they fill up quickly!

- RSVPs: Please don't make a reservation unless you will be there on time. Remember to allow time for parking, especially in Carmel.

- CANCELLATIONS: If you have to cancel, please make sure that you change your RSVP to "NO" on the Meetup website as far ahead as possible so I can contact someone on the wait list to take your place and/or notify the restaurant of the change. Cancellations less than 1 days before the event will usually put you on probation, excepting emergencies. (See ISSUES below)

- WAIT LIST: If you are waitlisted please check your email to see if a spot has opened up for you. The system will automatically notify you via email that you are now in the MeetUp event. Also, if you are on the wait list and make other plans, please ensure to change RSVP to "NO".

- COMMUNICATIONS: Make sure that your settings on the Meetup site allow for private messages and that you allow the site to forward messages to your personal email so you will see them in a timely fashion. It is your responsibility to read and respond to the messages and notifications for this meet up in a timely manner.

- ISSUES: One no-show (without notification to me of the emergency before the event starts) will usually result in termination from the group. However, emergencies (as defined by the organizer) do come up. When they do, please message me immediately via the Meetup site. Late cancellations (within 48 hours of the event) will normally put you on probation if you have not notified me. Two late cancellations without notifying me will usually mean I drop you from the group. If you have a pattern of issues, as determined by the organizer, you may be asked to take a break or leave the group. Inappropriate behavior, violating standards of Meetups, or annoying other members will result in termination from the group.

- GUESTS: If you have friends or spouses interested in joining us we welcome them! However, they will need to become members of the group and submit their own RSVPs.

- CASH: Only ONE tab will be used for the table so please bring a variety of denominations of cash. NO CREDIT CARDS! (There are a few restaurants that would allow us to do separate tabs, and I will put this in the information on the meetup announcement when it is the case.) Please figure in tax and tip of 30% and add it to what your ordered (multiply what you eat/drink by 1.3 and that is what you owe).

- MEMBER PHOTOS: Please make them current facial photos of just yourself (within one year) so we can recognize and remember each other.


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