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This group is for step-parents; stepmoms/stepmothers and stepdads/stepfathers. The role of step-parenting is unique - although not uncommon - and seemingly hard to come by support for, hence the creation of this group! There are many paths to step-parenting. The diversity of our paths will serve to enrich our understanding and deepen our compassion for our fellow step-parents and ourselves.

My hope for the group is to function as a trusted, uplifting community where we can share our stories about...

- how we became step-parents (foreseen/unforeseen)
- what our challenges are (individually/within a community)
- what lessons we have learned

Through creating a safe, shared space we will aim to bring step-parents out of the shadows and out from under the burdens of centuries' old folktales to find joy and empowerment in this often times difficult family role.

Note in advance: For families in which there are 2 sets of step-parents, I would consider holding alternate meetings (at equal frequency) so that there could be some separation between the individuals involved in these family formats. The point is for everyone to have an opportunity to benefit and grow!

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