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If you like to tinker, take apart, modify, build, or otherwise mess with any sorts of electronics as a hobby, whether you build stuff, repair stuff, experiment with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis, robotics, or any other type of hobby electronics, this group is for you!

This is not an online-only group! We are a FREE family-oriented (kid-friendly) group that meets often once a month at the Lansdale Library in Lansdale, PA. Our mission is to educate adults and kids alike with knowledge about electricity and electronics for fun.

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September 2019 Meet: Electronics Components (Parts)

Lansdale Library

Again we'll go back to basics, and the focus of the September meet will be about electronics components, or parts. We will talk about a few of the common parts, things you need to know about them, where to get them, and so on. Resistors, capacitors, chips, LEDs, and more! Topics will be discussed in a way thats good for all ages, and feel free to bring your questions! With all meets - while we generally have a meet topic, any electronics question/discussion are welcome. These meets are intended to be in-person and sometimes hands-on, so please be sure to RSVP and attend! I will likely have handouts and demonstrations (and PARTS!)

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August 2019 Meet: Volts, Amps, and You - Ohm My!

Lansdale Library

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