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This group is for anyone around Conroe and its surrounding areas who are interested in Shadowrun, Pathfinder, or any other RPG. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or some one who is just interested in learning what role play games are all about, you are all welcome to participate. We do ask for an annual contribution of $5.00 per member to defray costs.

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At Last ... A real job from the Starfinder Society (Part 2)

Chuck Burhanna Residence

At Last ... A real job from the Starfinder Society (Part 2)
Having reached the planet Nakondis and dealing with the two local drones, the group made it to the planet's surface. They were surprised by a trio of cadets that opened fire, but paid the price for their challenge. What is going on here? There is a fortified base sitting in the colony landing area and these foreign troops shoot first and didn't live long enough to ask questions. What will our intrepid adventures discover? Will they find their friend Cedona? Where are the rest of the colonists? Join us and find out. New players are welcome.

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River of Life Part 2

David Hochhalter Residence

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