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Let me paint a picture for you- you're seven years old. It's a lovely day hovering in the mid 70s and you sit on the grass struggling to get your shin guards on. The air smells slightly of citrus and your mouth waters thinking about the orange slices that you'll get to chomp into at half time. You hear your coach call you over and you run and join the circle. He announces the starting line up. You're in! Awesome! You run onto the field with your teammates. There is a moment of silence before the referee blows their whistle and you're off. How do you feel? Excited? Are you itching to touch the ball? If this sounds like you, you're in the right spot. And even if it doesn't, soccer fanatics come in all sorts of packages and you're still in the right place!

ZogSports is currently running a number of leagues in Montgomery County and we've come to help you live and relive your soccer dreams. We pride ourselves on offering well organized and officiated games to bring our community together while donating to charities all around the world. Sign up as a free agent, with a small group, or as a team and meet dozens of awesome people on the field and at happy hour. Join our meetup to stay up to date on all soccer league offerings, events, and happy hour deals in Montgomery County. We believe life is better with real personal connections, caring communities, and a sense of play. So let's play!

Check us out here: Zog Soccer (https://www.zogsports.com/dc/find-a-league.aspx)

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