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NL Texas Hold 'Em Tourney & Cash Game, Friday, November 9th, 2018
IMPORTANT: IF YOU WAITLIST YOURSELF, I NEED YOUR CELL NUMBER TO TEXT YOU IF YOU CLEAR. My cell is[masked]. DO NOT GIVE ME A NUMBER YOU'RE NOT GOING TO RESPOND TO...PLEASE! PARKING: There is no parking available in the lot for non-residents. There is plenty of parking on Kentlands Blvd. and on Booth St. There is also a parking lot next to Panera Bread, which is right across the street. Mike is on the corner of Kentlands Blvd & Booth St. SMOKING: No smoking in or in front of the buildings. Curbside smoking only. RULES: REMAIN THE SAME AS ALL OTHER TOURNAMENT MEET-UPS 1. You must cancel 24 hours in advance or you will be considered a no show and removed from the meet-up group. NO cancelling on the day of the event. 2. If you end up on the waitlist you "must" give me your cell number or you will be removed from the waitlist. If I have your cell number I can notify you as soon as you clear the list and you can accept the seat or give it up at that time. The messages thru meet-up travel very slow. 3. We are no longer allowing guests. If you have friends who wants to attend they are welcome. All they have to do is join Meet-up (it's free) and become a part of our group. Show up on time, on or before 7:30pm, and receive an extra $1,000 in chips. (If your going to be late you can still get the $1,000 if you have someone else buy you in before 7:30pm) Cards in the air by 7:45pm. If you are only coming to the cash game DO NOT RSVP. Just show up around 9:30pm. TOURNAMENT RULES AND STRUCTURE: $40 Buy-in for $10,000 in chips (an extra $1000 for on time arrivals by 7:30pm) $10 Bounty $5 to cover costs Total Buy-In $55 20 minutes blinds. NO antes. NO Re-entries. Pay out with 20 players will be 3 places. Tournament Blind Levels: Level 1 - 25/50 Level 2 - 50/100 Level 3 - 100/200 Level 4 - 200/400 Break 15 minutes. Chip up Greens, eat and socialize Level 5 - 300/600 Level 6 - 400/800 Level 7 - 600/1200 Level 8 - 800/1600 Break 5 minutes. Chip up Blacks and Purple. Level 9 - 1,000/2,000 Level 10 - 2,000/4,000 Level 11 - 4,000/8,000 Level 12 - 6,000/12,000 Level 13 - 8,000/16,000 Level 14 - 10,000/20,000 We will break as needed. CASH GAME: As people bust out and we have a free table we will start a cash game with 50cent/$1 blinds. Minimum buy-in $40. Maximum $100. Unlimited re-buys. You DO NOT have to play in the cash, if your a tournament player only, we are OK with that. We close down at midnight.

Mike Rickman's House

400 Kentlands Blvd. #103 · Gaithersburg, md


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    This group is for anyone interested in playing Texas Hold'em poker. We do, once a month, tournaments and cash games. It is low key, we do it more for fun and socializing than for making money. If you want to be or are a "pro" go to the casinos. If you RSVP "yes" for one of our meet-up's and then you NO SHOW the event you will be removed from this group. To be approved for membership, you MUST post a current picture of "YOURSELF" and a first and last name or last initial. AGAIN, a picture of your face, not a waterfall, not your dog, not your must be a picture of you or you will be declined. Also, this is an active group, please do not join unless you plan on attending our events. If you an inactive for over 11 months you will be automatically removed. Thanks and looking forward to meeting you.

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