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You may not think that Book Clubs and Moonlight Hikes have much in common... but you're wrong! What they have in common is me. I love book club discussions, and I love moonlight night hikes. So, I'm organizing both! The schedule is predictable. We will read one book a month (I'm thinking 4th Monday will work wonderfully) and always hike on or very near the full moon. Occasionally I'll add in other things I like to do - camping trips, festivals, geocaching... so you may see an interesting variety during times I'm less busy with work ;)

The hikes aren't generally strenuous. My intent is that these be open to all skill-levels (my own out-of-shape skill level included!) I will do my best to identify and describe the difficulty of each hike, and if you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask. I will never take you on a trail I haven't been on many times myself, unless expressly stated. I understand the huffing and puffing and with a little of your background info I can help you gauge how you'd do on any given hike.

Now on to the books! I want to stick to fiction novels. And the selections will be chosen by members. I had a system in my last book club that worked well - we chose 3 books at a time, and we chose them at club meetings, which gave us the chance to honor opinions of participants. Since we had a sizeable group, we started a policy of only taking recommendations from those who had already read the book. Discussions were very informal and not terribly academic, but just good fun! And there were plenty of times that we didn't finish reading - so no pressure to have your homework done before you get to class - you won't be kicked out! It's more about using the book as a catalyst for conversation - the real goal is meeting new people.

I'm excited to get the chance to meet new people in Colorado Springs through these two activities I enjoy coordinating. I hope you'll enjoy joining! A note about dues - I would very much appreciate any monetary donations you can make toward Meetup dues. I will not require dues of anyone, but if you can kick in $6 once a year I would love it. I'm being charged an intro rate of $36 for the first 6 months, and then it'll be $72 every 6 months after that. With enough members, we should be able to cover that!

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