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Make Your Voice Heard: A public-speaking workshop for beginners

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Make Your Voice Heard: A public-speaking workshop for beginners


We are very excited to be organising a workshop on public speaking for women!

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Have you considered presenting at an event, but thought you didn’t know enough or felt like an impostor? Does the idea of speaking in front of a group set your knees quivering and your heart racing? Or maybe you’d like to speak, but aren’t sure how to come up with a good idea. During this hands-on session we’ll look at what’s stopping you from speaking – and explore how to move past your fears. We’ll delve into practical techniques for choosing a topic, writing a proposal, crafting presentation content, and making great slides. We'll also look at common speaker mistakes and handling Q&A sessions.

The workshop aims to give women, non-binary, and other under-indexed people the skills and confidence to submit a talk, whether to a conference or smaller event.

The event is sponsored by Shopify, who has offered us their space, as well as snacks before the workshop!


Kathryn is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, where she helps folks customize, configure, and troubleshoot their WordPress sites. She enjoys mentoring and encouraging both new public speakers and people learning to code, at grassroots events like WordCamps, Girl Geeks, and Ladies Learning Code workshops.
Learn more about Kathryn at:
Read more about the workshop and find public-speaking resources here:


Places are limited, so you will need to register and buy a ticket for the workshop. We have decided to charge a small token amount ($5) to simply reduce the no-show rate. If you want to attend but cannot pay the cover, please contact the organiser. We will not be able to accept walk-ins.
Profits will go towards having snacks at subsequent meetups; if you have a different suggestions on how to can spend the money, drop us a line!

*************************** REGISTER HERE ***************************



We are exploring the possibility of having an on-site popup daycare so that women who'd like to attend the workshop can have their kids taken care of nearby. This will happen only if we see that there is a need, so please ensure that you make that request when you sign up for the event.


Bring something to write with, whether your favourite digital device or good old paper and pen.


Our generous sponsor Shopify will be providing some snacks and refreshments before the workshop.
0B3, 490 Rue de la Gauchetière O, Montreal, Québec H2Z · Montréal, QC
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