What we're about

Montreal users of Apache Spark, the fast and general engine for large-scale data processing.

Some frequently asked questions:

• Why start yet another Big Data Meetup? The Big Data space is nebulous and fragmented as can be witnessed by this tongue-in-cheek website (http://pixelastic.github.io/pokemonorbigdata/). It is also a space which is growing at a very rapid pace. This meetup is an experiment. The hypothesis is that there are a significant number of people in Montreal who are interested in having focused discussions about Apache Spark. This meetup group and the discussions therein are intended to be complimentary to some of the Big Data meetup groups already out there.

• What is Apache Spark? http://spark.apache.org/

• Any social rules? The Recurse Center's social rules (https://www.recurse.com/manual#sub-sec-social-rules) is an excellent starting point. Note that these aren't a strict code of conduct and accidentally breaking them is likely to happen, and something which is readily forgiven (https://www.recurse.com/blog/38-subtle-isms-at-hacker-school).

Google Drive folder with presentations (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BypnUwNc-MBUOThZYlJRUFFkTWM)

NOTE: We are looking for sponsors who would be willing to lend a hand in hosting meetups. Please contact the organizers.

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