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This group is for anyone who has a passion for astrology or even just a curiosity for it! Whether you’re an expert astrologer looking to meet others of like mind or someone who knows nothing about it and wants to learn more, this group is for you. The intention is to meet and talk everything astrology. Whether you just want to learn more about yourself through the planets or you want to know what transiting planets you’re being affected by currently, this group will focus on all aspects of astrology. Come learn about your sun sign, your rising/ascendant sign, your moon sign, your natal planets, how you can learn to read your chart to know more about yourself and others. This group welcomes all levels of astrology seekers!


Here are some astrology resources to refer to:

Astrolibrary.org (https://astrolibrary.org)

AstroGraph.com (https://www.astrograph.com)

Cafeastrology.com (https://cafeastrology.com)

Theastrocodex.com (https://theastrocodex.com)

Astrotheme.com (https://www.astrotheme.com)

Astrodienst (https://www.astro.com/horoscopes)

Astrologyclub.org (http://astrologyclub.org)

Astrolabe (https://alabe.com)

Astrologyking.com (https://astrologyking.com)

Astrology.com (https://www.astrology.com)

Astrocenter.com (http://www.astrocenter.com/us/)

Astromail.fr (http://www.astromail.fr)

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Plug In To Your Personal Planets

Cafe Blanc de Blanc

Astrology Meet and Greet

Cafe Blanc de Blanc

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