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(1956, U.S., 119 min., 35mm) John Ford If you think that a western can’t possibly break your heart to pieces, you have never seen The Searchers by John Ford. A gruff veteran of the old west and his dis-owned nephew head out on a difficult years-long search for close family members who have been abducted by Comanche warriors. They finally pick up the trail of the youngest girl but what will they do when they find her? After living with natives all this time, will she still have a place in their world? The Searchers marks the ninth collaboration between the two famous Johns. Here we see Wayne at the summit of his glory, stoic and proud, but also tired. It’s an image he will carry for the last half of his career. Ford pushes his exploration of the western, a genre he has invented and re-invented so many times in his 50-year career, from his silent-era beginnings in 1917 to Cheyenne Autumn in 1964. This film displays a technical perfection without allowing the arid and clear beauty of the images to impede the story. The final sequence is without a doubt one of the simplest and most affecting uses of framing in the history of cinema, summing up in a single image all of the film’s themes and, possibly, all of Ford’s films: the civilised home and savage nature, community and solitude, convictions and humanity, the mythical and the every day. The undeniable result is a true archetype of the western, but also a questioning of the moral biases of the genre. Like Fort Apache or The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Searchers is at once an intimate drama and a study of the false pretense and illusion of American history. If ever there was a breath-taking film that just had to be viewed on a large movie theatre screen, this is it. See a restored version here on 35mm film! Guest speaker: Donato Totaro received his PhD in Film & Television from the University of Warwick(UK), supervised by the late Victor F. Perkins, and has been a Film Studies lecturer at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada) since 1990. Totaro has been the editor of the longest running monthly online film journal, Offscreen, since its inception in 1997, and member of AQCC “Association québécoise des critiques de cinéma” since 2004.

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Meet up with other cinephiles for discussions of classic, cult, and documentary films!


Watch films on your own time and meetup to talk about them (like a book club ( The discussions to be held at pubs and/or cafés.

Movie Selection and Participation:

An important element of this club is movie selection. Films will be selected at least three months in advance by those who attend the discussions.

Members will have at least one month to buy, borrow, download, or stream the movies and watch them on their own time.

The purpose of this group is to get movie fans together; to meet people with similar interests in a comfortable environment.


Occasionally, I will post Meetups for screenings, in those cases we will see the film together and hold a discussion afterwards.


I will be charging $1.00/person fee at each discussion to help cover the annual Meetup fees. For screenings, free or paid, the fee will be waived.

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