• The Happiness Workshop

    Downtown Montreal (location to be announced)


    You do not need to bring anything but you! There will also be little surprises for all attendees . . . What we do: Explore the subject of happiness in more detail (theory and practice) drawing from positive psychology, philosophy, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, eastern mysticism and all the major thinking about happiness from the last 20 years Bust the big 3 myths of happiness (we are born happy/unhappy, we get happier as we get more money/stuff, success brings happiness). Get the real data and the hardcore research on what moves our happiness levels up and down Learn how to reconcile happiness in the present vs happiness in the future and discover tools that allow us to measure how much happiness we are banking for the future vs how much happiness we are enjoying today Explore the theory and practice of "How to be Happy" Introduce a set of tools and techniques that will increase personal happiness levels both at home and at work Encourage and empower individuals to manage and amplify their happiness by experiencing and then adopting the tools and techniques that bring happiness.