MH3 - Run 1285 - St.Leo's Nard

Are you going?

6 people going

Price: CA$10.00 /per person

Needs a location


Hares: Lord of the Prance + Slack A$$ Hole

Where:[masked]e Ave.,Unit 101, St. Leonard, H1S 0A1

Directions: Use Google. Park at the nearby mall in front of the Canadian Tire (Le Boulevard, corner of Jean-Talon Est and Pie 9, 4270 Jean Talon St E, St. Leonard, QC H1S 1J7) and walk over through 26th Ave., or in the streets nearby. No parking allowed for outsiders of the cul-de-sac :P

When you arrive in front of the building, follow it to the far left-hand side. I live at the last patio on the corner, come on in through the cedars and the patio door.

I have a homicidal psycho saber-toothed jungle cat, some communities call it a kaiju... 3:)