MH3 - Run 1336 - Ville Emard - Kalice-Tabernac-Tutu Run!


Hare: Long & Gooey
Where: VIlle Emard

Don't forget your Tutu


BMW: 2 minute walk from Monk Metro (green Line).

40 east bound: go to 20 east bound at st-anne de bellevue or 13 south then follow directions for 20 eastbound.

20 east bound: Take angrignon blvd exit, go over stay on Notre Dame, then all the way to Monk and turn right.

15 Northbound: Take exit 62 (De LaVerendrye). Turn left on st-patrick keep going and don't follow signs for de la verendry detour and go past light a de l'eglise (after going underneath Turcotte yard overpass) and turn left at next light which will be Monk.

PS. Parking is free on Monk on Sundays and there is usually plenty of parking on side streets.