MH3 - Run 1349 - 1pm Solo Run/Walk & 3pm Video Circle


**Video Conference is at 3pm!!**
**Run/Walk by yourself before then**
***If you're actually under quarantine or self-isolation (and not just following social distancing guidance that's for everyone): Stay Home! Don't Walk/Run outside. You'll still be credited as a participant!***

Hare: Krystal T*ts

Trail - wherever you are
Circle - online (Jitsi)

Go run 5-6km on your own at 1pm. Take pictures! When you get home, post them on the Facebook group. Best pictures/videos = best trail of the week award.

At 3pm, log on to Jitsi for virtual circle. Log in info will be posted here tomorrow at 2:45. Don't forget to get your own beer.

Oh, and remember, the run is still a St-Patty's tutu run. ✌🏻🍺🍀🌈💚

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PS: and of course it's free. But you get attendance credit if you run trail and do circle.