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Everybody can laugh. But somewhere along the road to adulthood we get bogged down with life and forget to laugh. We need to reconnect with our laughter, and Laughter FIT is the place to do it! We practice Laughter Yoga and Laughercize in a fun, healthful, and friendly environment. This unique, simple and fun exercise is designed to make you laugh heartily, and to your heart's content! And when practiced in a group setting, fake laughter quickly turns into genuine, contagious belly laughs. Join us as we remove the judges that sit perched on our shoulders, allowing ourselves to be less serious, be free to play, and in the process, discover (or rediscover) our joyful selves. Laughter is interspersed with information about the plethora of health and wellness benefits to be gained from it. This meet up group will share Laughter FIT classes, Living Laughter Certified Laughter Yoga Leader certification dates, and other Montreal area laughter events.

To learn more, here an article, Laugh yourself healthy..and that's no joke! that will tell you all about the wonderful world of laughter.

And a wonderful blog by the awesome Camila Fitzgibbon, Year Beyond Fear that just says it all. Read about Camila's first experience with Laughter FIT here. Challenge #23: Participate in a Laughter Workshop

And.. there is The Laughter FIT blog to hear the hilarity and goings on of our most recent events, hot off the press. Read our end of 2015 blog at

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Some typical mantras you'll hear during a Laughter Yoga session:

* Fake it til you make it!

* You're body doesn't care if the laughter is fake or real. You reap the same benefits no matter how the laughter is initiated.

* We aren't laughing because we're happy. We're happy because we're laughing!

Here's a great video about Laughter exercise, brought to you by CTV.

Wendy is a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, and Laughercize Party and Workshop Leader. She is the founder and leader of the Laughter FIT Meet Up, which has been joyfully meeting every Saturday for over three years. Wendy is the creator and facilitator of Laughter 101: No joke(s)!, a four-week course designed to use laughter as a health and wellness tool, and the leader of Laughter FIT's Laughter Yoga Leader Certification training. Wendy is also a Communications Consultant at the English Montreal School Board where she acts as the Managing Editor of Inspirations Newspaper: Celebrating Inclusive Communities, and Quebec Outreach Coordinator for REEL Canada. 

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