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Are you seeking more stability, self-possession and integration in yourself? Do you have unresolved questions about how to relieve inner conflict? or how to act spontaneously? Are you looking to be genuinely fulfilled spiritually, physically and mentally? even when things get bad? so that you aren't at war with yourself, your friends, your lovers and the world around you?

Those of you who are both curious and desperate for cultivating and sustaining a more unified lifestyle, along with a deeply intimate understanding of yourselves and reality as it is, beyond delusion, are invited to explore my perspective on self-realization, psychological & spiritual growth through non dual training.

Through talk, discussion and practice, we will explore what it can be like to transcend fear, anxiety, and the sense of seperateness by way of making deep inward contact with one’s self, enabling us to deepen into feeling established in our wholeness.

What would it feel like to experience greater space and relief from constantly living at the reactive surface of the body? What would your experience of life feel like if you were not as triggered by people or situations? This work is an inside job, and if committed to yourself for the long-term, I promise to at the very least, facilitate and inspire a sustainable way for you to be seasoned in the way of allowance.

What I would like to happen is for me to share how I experience myself, my environment and my relationships in order to hopefully, via Q&A, general group discussions, and meditation practice, transmit how happiness and stillness can be cultivated within any one.

Let's work together with the intention of returning back home to ourselves, so that your whole life can operate with more gratitude and grace.

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