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This group has been created to help you connect with people and experienced professionals in Business, Career and social settings.

As a member , this group will help you to :

-Strengthen your business connections.

-you will Learn new strategies to advance your business

-Advance your career.

-Get fresh ideas.

- business conversations workshops

- career conversations workshops

-Women conversations workshop

-Get access to job referrals

- Business grant referrals

-Interconnected business contacts = more knowledge.

-Get career advice and support.

-Build confidence.

join us today and be a part of this growth journey

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6540 Rue Beaubien E

Being your own boss, calling all the shots, hustling to hit your goals -- for many people, entrepreneurship is the ultimate career goal.

But as awesome as running your own business sounds, it's also incredibly difficult.

How difficult? 75% of startups fail.
One of the most common (and deadly) mistakes in entrepreneurship is creating a solution before identifying the problem.

You might think you have the next big idea, but have you really done the research to see if it could be successful? Is there a need in the marketplace? Is the space full of slow-moving companies unwilling to change? Then maybe you have an opportunity. If not, you might be wasting money and time.

If you really want to obtain success, the first thing you need to do is find the problem to solve. The problem serves as the foundation for your company.
It can be very tempting to jump on the next hot idea you have, but so many people fail with fly-by-night operations that have no mission or framework.

During our workshop, our experienced business consultants and Coaches will educate you on how to :

- Identify a profitable startup idea.
- Validate your startup idea.
- How to find your customers
- Find a co-founder.
- How to get funding to start a business.
- Incorporate your business.
- Create a Road map for your business
- and Teach you how to write a business and marketing plan for your business.

During our questions and answer sessions ,we will provide solutions and strategic business ideas to the most difficult situations that most start up business owners face by helping them to find solutions and move their businesses forward .

Our workshop Agenda

1pm - 1 :30pm - Arrival of guest and Networking

1:30pm - 3pm - Business presentations from Guest business
professionals and Business Coaches

3pm - 3:15pm - Coffee Break & small talk networking

3:15pm - 3:45 - Q&A ( Questions and answer sessions )

3:45 -4pm -Last remarks

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Women Conversation is an invitation-only event for women in Montreal and Surrounding and an opportunity for women to gather in community, grow in empathy, and learn in a safe environment. We will tackle tough conversations as we learn from other people's experiences and contend for breakthrough in our lives and the lives of others.

Through personal storytelling, a moderated speakers panel, and small group dialogues we will traverse the topic :

The power to reinvent yourself

Reinvention usually comes from an immediate need to change for the better. There will always be times in our lives when we need to reinvent ourselves. This could happen when we experience big changes in our lives, such as losing a job, Heartbreaks and moving on from relationships, lost in debt and going bankrupt, transferring to a new home or migrating to a new country, accident , sickness or losing a loved one.

Pushing past this difficulties and surmounting adversities, especially in the face of very trying times, could be a monumental undertaking.

When we get stuck in such circle where we no longer experience growth, positivism and success in our lives , that’s when we have to choose who we want to become or risk never reaching our full potential.

Before embarking on a journey of self-reinvention, you need to make sure that you have everything that you need to make the trip bump-proof. During our conversation session our speakers and Coaches will give you practical tips on how to :

Reinvent your Career

Reinvent your love life

Reinvent your finances

Reinvent your health and lifestyle

Reinvent your thought processing

Reinvent your business and strive to succeed.

“When something bad happens you have three choices. You can let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.”

when you reinvent yourself Happiness goes up, frustration goes down.

​and life becomes a happier place.

Attendees will ​Leave this session renewed and inspired. you are welcome to be a part of us

WHEN: Saturday 29 March,

TIME : 6pm – 9pm
VENUE: Kyomi Restaurant Lasalle

Each person required to pay for their own meal.

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6pm - 7pm -Guest arrival, networking session, live music with live band

7pm - 8pm : Women conversations night begins with guest speakers and panelist

8pm - 8:20pm - Q&A session

8 : 20 pm - 9pm Dinner I group photo shoot I closing remarks

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