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A place to meet new people. A place to have a good conversation around a cup of tea ou coffe. A place to eat and meet new people in differents restaurants and pubs. Its also a place to play board games and have fun.

Une place pour rencontrer de nouvelles personnes. Un endroit où avoir de bonnes conversations autour d'un thé ou café. Un endroit pour manger et rencontrer de nouvelles personnes dans différents restaurants et pubs. Un endroit pour jouer à des jeux de société et avoir du plaisir. .

Our rules are simple:

1.No-shows to events will be automatically removed from the group. 2.Late cancellations less than 24 hrs will be automatically removed from the group. 3.We expect serious RSVP’s only; if you’re not sure you’re coming then don’t RSVP

*In the case of an emergency where you absolutely cannot make the event, it is imperative that you contact the event host immediately before the event to advise. If not, you will be removed from the group. Vague excuses are not acceptable. We will expect a full explanation of why you could not make it.

***DISCLAIMER: The right of admission to the events is reserved. We reserve the right to refuse entry to the events to any person who is not entitled to attend, who does not comply with the Group's pre-requisites, or whose conduct is considered offensive or causes discomfort in any way. The hosts and organizers of this meetup group cannot be held responsible for changes in the events.

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Learn how to read tarot cards-HALLOWEEN EDITION

Are you curious about Tarot? Interested in learning how to read the cards?
This is a ONE TIME ONLY interactive group workshop to learn how to read tarot, get comfortable with the cards, learn different spreads. During this class, we will cover the essentials to begin your tarot journey. Jem Jewels will be your teacher.

- The difference between various tarot decks
- How to choose your deck
- 4 suits of cards and what they represent
- The 78 cards (light introduction for Major Arcana, Minor Arcana and Court Cards)
-you will also have a chance to practice these on individuals and for them to practice on you.
This is limited to 10 persons and must RSVP in advance. No need to bring anything if you would like to bring a note pad to take notes, its optional. A hand out will be provided in the class as well.

The class is 65$ per person and will last 3 hours with a small break half way through.


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