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Taking the leap from Professional to Entrepreneur: How to launch a startup?
Do you want to start your own technology company in your spare time, but don't know where to get started? You are not alone. At the “Taking the leap from Professional to Entrepreneur: How to launch a successful startup?” event, you can hear the stories, tips, and best practices of those who built a startup company in their spare time (and while still earning income!). Listen to the experiences of people just like you that have launch a successful business without quitting their day job, and discuss any questions or concerns that you have. Join us for a fun evening! >> About the speakers: ::: Michel Jamati Michel is the CTO of Lexpop, a platform he cofounded that helps law firms, property managers, and corporations reduce administrative burden and work more efficiently by automating the way they communicate business-critical notices, messages, and documents. Before that, Michel was leading new product developments for CAE. ::: Aaron Carr Aaron is the founder and CEO of Qarrot, an integrated solution that helps HR, team leads and small business owners centralize all of their recognition, motivation, and celebration initiatives. Before founding Qarrot, Aaron was GM of Product Management & Innovation at Aeroplan. >> Who should Attend? - Anyone who dreams of launching their own company - Anyone with an idea for a new business either launched inside their employer or independently >> What are some of the Topics? - What to consider before starting a company - What steps to take to make early progress, quickly and cheaply - How do you know when the time is right to quit - What are the first steps in the entrepreneurial journey >> This event is FREE, and we expect over 50 people in attendance. For more information, visit This event is sponsored by the Founder Institute startup accelerator. Founder Institute provides a step-by-step program that gives startup founders the structure, mentor support, and network of entrepreneurs they need to start an enduring company. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 60 countries, the Founder Institute's mission is to "Globalize Silicon Valley" and build sustainable startup ecosystems worldwide. If you have any feedback on this event, please let us know at Also, remember to sign up for our Founder Insight mailing list to receive exclusive startup training videos and articles every Monday and Thursday:

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Startup Founder 101 brings together aspiring and experienced tech entrepreneurs to discuss, meet, and collaborate to build great new startups, and to push the local startup ecosystem forward.

This group hosts numerous free events throughout the year where you can learn the best practices of starting a company from people who have been there and done that. You’ll have the opportunity to meet local founders and investors, exchange ideas with experts, get feedback on your idea, participate in startup workshops, and more.

Typical startup event topics include:
• Coming up with a strong startup idea
• Startup legal basics
• How to pitch your startup
• Starting a company without quitting your day job
• How to raise funding for your startup
• And much more!

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