History of .NET/Mono/Xamarin


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This month, we are going to focus on Xamarin fundamentals and roadmap.

Lex Li, Microsoft MVP on Visual Studio and Development Technologies, will share with us key points to understand how Xamarin is build and his vision of the future of .NET Framework and Mono.

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Topic: History of .NET/Mono/Xamarin


Open sourcing .NET Core and acquisition of Xamarin are the latest milestones Microsoft has reached in the past few years for .NET/Mono/Xamarin communities to celebrate. Ever since Microsoft debut .NET platform in June 2000, this ecosystem has been evolving rapidly and empowering more categories of applications than its original ambition. This session offers an overview that covers the history of .NET Framework and its Mono/Xamarin siblings, and also attempts to give some prediction on the future.

Level: Beginner to advanced

Speaker: Lex Li

Lex Li is currently with Morgan Stanley. Working as software developer, with primary role in IT infrastructure based on Microsoft Windows technologies especially ASP.NET/IIS. Prior with Morgan Stanley, Lex was support engineer in Microsoft and software engineer in Cisco Systems. Lex is active in many online C#/IIS communities including stackoverflow.com and IIS.net. In addition, he has coordinated several open source projects such as #SNMP and DockPanel Suite. His podcast .NET FM is at http://dotnet.fm. His blog is at https://blog.lextudio.com

Twitter: @lextm (https://twitter.com/lextm)