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What we’re about

Whether you're a seasoned trader or new to trading, the Montreal Traders Meetup is for you.
Traders of equities, options, forex, and futures/commodities are all welcome.  
The purpose of the meetup is to create an environment where like minded traders can meet for the purposes of education, support, networking, socializing and sharing (strategies, resources, information, and ideas). 
Our meetings will focus on one or more aspects of trading - system, methodology, psychology, and peak performance.

This is a great place to meet other new and experienced active traders. Several of us communicate throughout the month sharing tips and ideas.  Tap into the network.
We have no agendas and are not trying to sell anything, but rather to gather a community of new and experienced traders to share, learn and discuss the markets and trade ideas. 
If you are looking for the same, please join the group and introduce yourself.
Happy Trading!