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In cultures and traditions across the globe, our ancestors followed and relied upon the cycles of the seasons & cycles and phases of the moon for thousands of years and for many reasons. They relied upon their ability to understand and live in accordance and harmony with these cycles for everything from planting, growing and harvesting crops; to being able to harness native plants for herbal healing; to dreaming and divining for their communities (i.e., using the seasons, moon and greater astrological patters to look and feel into the future); to understanding the cycles of life and fertility, both of animals, as well as humans; to creating spiritual ceremonies for individuals, families and whole communities. Of course, women's mysteries and rites of passage have also always been inherently connected with and tied to the changes and transitions in season and the lunar calendar in particular. Many of these traditions have been lost over time, so women are now waking up to and remembering the importance of reclaiming these ancient ways.

Please join Sol Alchemy Temple, Shakti Rising & Kaira Sherman (founder of Divine Guidance) for Seasonal Rituals, Moon Lodges (sometimes at the dark/new moon and sometimes at the full moon) and more! Our gatherings bring together the influence of the season, current astrology and the phase of the moon, divination, ritual, intention-setting and activities that help connect us more deeply with ourselves, the Land, the seasons, and the Moon Herself.

We will always share which seasonal rituals are open to both women and men, and which ones are for just women.

Moon Lodges are for women and girls older than 13.

We ask for a donation of 10.00 for supplies and overhead costs.

Any questions? Please feel free to email us: mysolalchemy@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for joining us and we look forward to sitting with you under the Moon each month!

Fullest of Blessings ~

Kaira, Annie, Kat & Bre

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