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MoonPath provides a connection to the spiritual teachings of Earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.

For some of us, this will be the religions of Native-Americans, or of Africa, or of Asia. For others, it will be the Old Religion that preceded the current Patriarchal Era.

We are open to the members and friends of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Lauderdale, our Host Congregation, and we encourage participants to support both groups.

We prescribe no One Way; we encourage self-exploration and searching. We practice our individual traditions and we teach.

We have no hierarchy. Among us are Conveners who lead events and a contact person who is better described as a Gatekeeper.

In order to remain a CUUPS Chapter, at least three of our members must be both members of Continental CUUPS and our Host Congregation.

The Wiccan Rede: "An ye harm none, do what ye will."
Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet Again, Blessed Be!

-- March 31, 1996

We have the best of intentions to hold an Open Circle for each of the Eight Sabbats and to continue our 7:30 PM Thursday Evening Study Group. We also hold Invitation-Only rituals and other events as opportunities arise. Remain aware of the Phase of the Moon. We often meet on a Sunday night as she waxes full.

We provide an entry point for the Solitary Practitioner. See our structure and Ordains for those into details. Remember that no one converts to Paganism or Wicca. It is to some that the Old Religion speaks, and, to them, it is a journey home.

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online "Forest Bathing with drgnfli"

Online event

Join us to learn, What is forest bathing, how to do it and why it can help you be a happier, healthier person..................

online, "Spiritual Aspects of Full Moon Drumming" with Alba & Karl the Drum Guy

Once upon a full moon night I grabbed my drum and took delight In drumming to my heart's content Blessings on to all I sent Love and light and peace and wealth Prosperity and perfect health Choose the color, select the herb Voice and drum alike reverb Apply the kindling, cast the spell Pick up the beat and hold it well I drum it all beside the fire Has I watched the flames grow ever higher Will you come and drum with me? We will do magick, So Mote It Be!

online, "Crafting in the Craft" with Gen

Online event

This evening we will create Black scrying Mirrors. Scrying mirrors are a divination tool for looking into past lives, and past, present, and future events. The black scrying mirror, also known as the "magic mirror" is a powerful metaphysical tool. It can reveal to the user secret hidden knowledge and clairvoyant ability and can act as a portal to other planes of existence in our universe. For those who will be creating a mirror with us from home, you will need a glass picture frame or mirror, matte black paint, and adornments you would like to add to your mirror. Paint brush, glue and other supplies you think you may need.

online, "Lunar Lovin", with Patty Jones Tate

Online event

In astrology language, your Moon dictates your emotions, mood and home. Join Patty for a discussion about the phases of the moon and how to use La Luna's energy in your everyday life.

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online "Mythical Creatures, Part 2" with Wren

Online event

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