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Welcome to More NW Small Dogs & Small Puppies,

This is our second group for small dogs & small puppies in NW Calgary as our first group became so popular, there was a long waitlist. The second playtime group will be at 11 am, one hour after the first 10 am group, in case you've been wait listed for that first timeslot.

The playtime was started to provide a safe environment where little dogs under 20 pounds (who live with their humans in NW Calgary) can come and not worry about big dogs stepping on them. We have been running the group for a several years now and our members keep growing.

In order to keep our groups safe and comfortable, it is not designed for small dogs that are extremely anxious, nervous, stressed, overwhelmed, reactive, aggressive, over-excitable, chronically barking, and/or does not have appropriate canine play behavior. This indicates your dog is too uncomfortable and stressed being in the group, and it also upsets the stable energy and behaviour of the other dogs, including the comfort and enjoyment of their owners.

However, if you require assistance with your dog’s socialization issues, please contact Velvetanne, Raising Canine’s owner and dog trainer @ 403 984 3644 for private training sessions right in the comfort of your own home, or to inquire about our Reactive Dog Recovery Program.

As well, all dogs must be neutered or spayed by 6 months of age, again for the safety and comfort of the other dogs. As well, if your fur baby is physically sick or injured, please hold off attending until she/he is healthy again.

Cost per family (Cash please as I don’t always have change):

*One dog - $10
*Two dogs - $15
*Three dogs - $20
*Four dogs - $25

(Prices include gst)

If your dog(s) is/are a good fit for our group, and you and your entire family would love to come, please register and indicate ‘yes’ for the playtimes you would like to attend. We would love to have you join the rest of us small dog lovers.

Once you've registered, please scan to email, or take a photo with your cell phone, of your dog's updated vaccination records and email to You will also be required to sign a waiver upon your arrival.



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